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Why should I still book my kid’s birthday party, Singapore

‘My child’s birthday is coming up soon.  What are the current social distancing rules? What the heck should I do?’

Client’s often ask;

  • What are the rules for group sizes?
  • Should I book now, but what if we’re lock down again?
  • Do I wait until we find out if we can open up? But if I wait will I miss out on your available date?
  • What happens if I pay the booking fee and then we’re closed down again? Will I lose my party booking?

I understand how difficult it is at the moment. We open up for 8 guests, then we’re locked down to only 2 guests, then open for 5 guests again.  It makes it very difficult to plan ahead.

I’m here to help you, to make your booking process as simple as possible and hassle free.

So, I’m offering a Free Postponement for all birthday parties booked in 2021 for up to 12 months.

If the worst comes to worst and you need to shift your booking by a few weeks, a month or even to next year (subject to a mutually agreeable date & time), that’s ok.

why you shouldn’t postpone

Your child would much rather celebrate as close to their birthday date as possible. They won’t remember that they had hundreds of guests over 4, 5 close friends.  What they will remember in the years to come is that they had a fun and joyful party.

We can still host a small party in your home.  With small numbers, each child attending with will receive more individual attention from our entertainer or performer.

Our whole philosophy is to bring fun and joy to your child’s party and event.

So let me help you.

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