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Can I host a bubble party in my apartment?

Hands up who’s worried about playing with bubbles indoors and making a mess of their home at their kid’s birthday party or play date?

Everyone – right!? We know that bubbles are made from detergents, that detergents can be slippery, and that kids and bubbles can make a big mess. Plus we don’t want our home or décor destroyed. These are valid concerns.

But don’t worry, when I perform my indoors Magical Bubble Show I bring a large plastic tarpaulin 3m x 2.5m. Which I then cover with floor cloths & mats – so there’s no mess and it’s not slippery.  As I am the one creating the bubbles, I am also the one controlling where the bubbles will land.  They will land on my mats and not all over your beautiful home.

 My free standing stage backdrop adds an extra level of protection for you too. My backdrop can be place anywhere. I.E. in front of a TV or a painting that you want to keep safe Or in front of a sideboard with sentimental Knick knacks on it.  It will block the bubbles from landing on your precious items. Plus add a great backdrop for taking amazing shots of your child and the bubbles during your party.

But what happens if the bubbles do land on my floor and make it slippery?

 The best way to clean up is to use a dry cloth or towel to wipe up the excess liquid and then spray it with an alcohol mix. I.E. a hand sanitizer. Yep that’s right, another use for the dreaded hand sanitizer! Hand sanitizer has alcohol in it that cuts through the soapiness of bubbles and gets rid of the slipperiness.

I actually make my own hand sanitizer from a mix of 75% water and 25% Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA 70%). I use this mixture to clean the bubble soap off my hands at the end of the show. Or any slips on the floor then I use it to wipe the floor down.

So after my show your family is clean and safe – bonus!

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